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66 that bastard hes really good new perspectives on eugene delacroix yes there is much more to say
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“That Bastard. He’s Really Good.” New Perspectives on Eugène Delacroix: Yes, There is Much More to Say
Monday, November 11
It was Picasso who uttered these words when comparing himself to Delacroix in 1946. Now, in light of the major retrospective this year at the Metropolitan Museum celebrating the centenary of his birth, how has our understanding of Delacroix evolved or changed since the last comprehensive show at the Louvre in 1963? Should he be considered a modern artist, either intentionally or accidentally, and would this change his legacy in any way? This panel of experts looks at his most significant contributions and how the hidden treasures in the current exhibition reveal a new and different Delacroix. Be prepared to learn something new.