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52 a conversation with paola prestini composer co founder and artistic director national sawdust
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A Conversation with Paola Prestini, composer, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, National Sawdust
Monday, March 03
Two of New York’s most prominent arts movers and shakers come together for an illuminating conversation. Paola Prestini, composer, is co-founder and artistic director of National Sawdust (NS), an artist-led space for arts incubation and performance in Brooklyn. She is joined by Karen Wong, Deputy Director, New Museum, to talk about Prestini’s music from Mozart in the Jungle to collaborations with Robert Wilson. Prestini is included in the “Top 100 Composers in the World” list by NPR. Prestini and Wong discuss the relationship between music and the visual in her upcoming works with Robert Wilson, the Minnesota Opera and the Atlanta Opera.