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51 restraining advancing women in post war america in art fashion and media 1947 1970
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Restraining/Advancing Women in Post War America - In Art, Fashion, and Media, 1947-1970
Saturday, May 05
Restraining and advancing was the critical tension in the depictions of women in art, media, and fashion throughout the 20th century. Perhaps no other period saw such polarized representations as the post-World War II era. Overnight, “Rosie the Riveter” replaced her overalls and tool belt for corsets and the kitchen. While extreme new ideals around gender, family, and society encouraged women to become perfect homemakers in America’s sprawling, homogenous suburbs, a counterculture was emerging that directly challenged repressive norms and advanced women’s rights. In a flash, housecoats became stilettos and women’s aspirations moved from those of Donna Reed to Twiggy to Gloria Steinem. Our panelists explore this fascinating topic through the period’s art, fashion, and media while considering its relation to today.and private interiors.