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37 its a matter of taste
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It’s a Matter of “Taste”
Tuesday, May 05
What is taste after all? “Good” taste seems to suggest a special knowledge and sophistication while “bad” taste connotes the “base” or “vulgar”. Throughout the 20th century, bold declarations concerning “good” and ‘bad’ taste were dictated by an elite minority and uniformly adopted by mass followers. But a counter culture of artists, designers, and filmmakers reacted differently, instead snubbing assumed ideals and prioritizing “bad” taste as a creative goal. Kitsch, camp, fakery, extremism, and “B-rated” became the monikers of this new underground cultural elite. What deeper meanings do these judgements of art, fashion, or film imply about society’s values? Our panelists explore this fascinating topic and consider its relation to contemporary and future cultural landscapes.
David Brody
Professor, Design Studies, Parsons School of Design, The New School
Stéphane Houy-Towner
Fashion Consultant
Phyllis Magidson
Curator, Costumes and Textiles, Museum of the City of New York
Steven Faerm
Associate Professor, Fashion, Parsons School of Design, The New School