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36 forces of nature the symbiotic connection
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Forces of Nature: The Symbiotic Connection
Monday, May 05
With the environment in peril, artists are making the symbiotic connection between nature, art, and human life. As they increasingly work in natural materials, forms and messages, so too are museums presenting eco-relevant projects. The line between art and nature blurs: When is an enchanted old growth forest in New York or a Mangrove hammock in Miami a work of art in its own right or a natural gallery a setting for live arts performance? Historic museums are almost all set in parks, and newer museums and galleries are designed with native landscapes as critical areas for the display of sculpture. Indoors and out audiences seek spiritual and visual connections to the earth and artists and art institutions respond.
David Collens
Director, Storm King Art Center
Michele Oka Doner
Carrie Rebora Barratt
CEO and William C. Steere Sr. President, New York Botanical Garden