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21 still passionate for guercino
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Still Passionate for Guercino
Wednesday, December 12
Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591-1666), known as Guercino, famous throughout Europe in his day but few people even recognize his name today. Yet his works are eagerly sought by museums and collectors. Virtually every old master auction and art fair features examples of his work. Why are connoisseurs of Italian art passionate about the artist? Why does he stand out beyond other artists of his time? Our panel of experts, each with his own special tie to the artist, explores these questions, against the backdrop of a current exhibition, Guercino: Virtuoso Draftsman, at the Morgan Library & Museum.
Federico Castelluccio
Artist and Collector
Stephen Ongpin
Director, Stephen Ongpin Fine Art
David Stone, Ph.D.
Professor, Art History and Director, Curatorial Ph.D. in Art History, University of Delaware
John Marciari
Charles W. Engelhard Curator and Head, Department of Drawings and Prints, Morgan Library & Museum