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18 all hail the magnificent verrocchio bertoldo and the arts of renaissance florence
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All Hail the Magnificent: Verrocchio, Bertoldo, and the Arts of Renaissance Florence
Wednesday, December 12
How might the Renaissance have laid the foundations for our contemporary culture of artistic celebrity? This discussion explores a historical moment when artists gained increasingly public visibility as they worked to fulfill the demands of patrons such as Lorenzo ‘The Magnificent’ de’ Medici. What constituted artistic fame in the Renaissance? How were artistic reputations formed and maintained? What role was played by workshop structures and the creation of artistic genealogies? Our panel considers these questions against the backdrop of two current American exhibitions, ‘Bertoldo di Giovanni: The Renaissance of Sculpture in Medici Florence’ at The Frick Collection, New York, and ‘Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence’ at The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Andrew Butterfield
President, Andrew Butterfield Fine Art
Paola D'Agostino
Director, The Bargello Museums, Florence
Aimee Ng, Curator, Ph.D.
The Frick Collection
Alexander Noelle
Curatorial Fellow, The Frick Collection
Emerson Bowyer
Associate Curator, European Painting and Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago