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17 r b female artists rock the art world renaissance and baroque women stage a comeback
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R&B Female Artists Rock the Art World: Renaissance and Baroque Women Stage a Comeback
Wednesday, December 12
Unkown to the public for centuries, many women painters and sculptors, successful in their own time (1500 to 1800) are finally taking their rightful place in an art market suddenly eager to have them. Once sought after by royals, popes, and nobles, artists like Lavinia Fontana, Luisa Roldan and Clara Peeters are now the subject of museum shows and the object of collectors’ dreams. Our panel of experts - and fans - discuss the importance of this moment of rediscovery and what lies ahead.
Judith Dobrzynski
Robert Simon
President, Robert Simon Fine Art
Oliver Tostmann
Curator of European Art, Wadsworth Atheneum
Susan Morse Hilles
Curator of European Art, Wadsworth Atheneum
Frances Beatty, Ph.D.
Chairman, Adler Beatty