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16 chinese art and its markets a tremulous present what for the future
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Chinese Art and its Markets: A Tremulous Present, What for the Future?
Wednesday, December 12

For the art world, China has been the site of growth and opportunity over the past decade. Hong Kong, in particular, has solidified its position as the hub of the Asian art market and rivals New York and London as a global art capital. But recent protests have brought simmering political issues to a boil and to international attention. US-China trade tensions persist with no signs of conciliation, as the US imposed a new 15 percent tax on artworks originating from China on September 1st.

This panel of art and economic experts takes stock of the current critical state of relations between mainland China and Hong Kong and considers the implications for the future.

Boon Hui Tan
Vice President, Global Arts and Cultural Programs and Director, The Asia Society Museum
Gady Epstein
China Affairs Editor, The Economist
Kejia Wu
Faculty, Art Business Program, Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Natasha Degen
Professor and Chair, Art Market Studies, Fashion Institute of Technology