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113 fair or unfair how are art fairs reshaping the art world
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Fair, or Unfair? How are art fairs reshaping the art world?
Saturday, May 05
In recent years, international fairs have had a profound effect on the art world. While this phenomenon is much discussed in the field of contemporary art, its influence has been equally dramatic for historical fine art, decorative art, design and antiquities. What does this kind of event mean for a diverse range of stakeholders - collectors, dealers, museums, critics and historians? How might we balance positives - the concentration of material in one place and the free mixing of previously distinct categories - against negatives, such as the decontextualization of objects, and the diminishing relevance of traditional gallery settings? What might art fairs do to live up to their potential as an essential platform for the understanding of art and design? Our panel of leading critics and curators will discuss the effects of global art fairs.