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5 gregg baker
Meet The Experts
Gregg Baker
Sunday, November 3

TEFAF New York Fall 2019 proudly highlights Gregg Baker Asian Art, a distinguished gallery focusing in antique screens, along with early Buddhist sculpture as well as artworks from the post-war period. Join us in gaining insights from Gregg Baker as part of the Meet the Experts series, and stay tuned for future installments.

A carved wood sculpture of Bishamonten (Vaiśravaṇa) wearing armour, holding a pagoda and a trident, the face with a fierce expression bearing gyokugan (inlaid crystal eyes), with traces of lacquer and pigments

Kamakura period, 12th/13th century
Figure: 74 cm × 42 cm × 25 cm (29.25 in. × 16.75 in. × 10 in.)