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Maastricht Mar 7–15, 2020
TEFAF Art Symposium

The TEFAF Art Symposium 2020 will take place at the MECC, Maastricht on Friday 6th March 2020, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Tickets will be on sale soon.

*Note: Tickets for the symposium do not give access to the fair. Entrance to the fair on 6 March is on invitation only.

TEFAF Showcase

Every year, TEFAF is proud to provide newer galleries an opportunity to experience a major international art fair. This year’s TEFAF Showcase is held in a new area of the fair within TEFAF Antiques. We are excited to welcome our new exhibitors at Tefaf Maastricht 2020.


Founded in 2014 and focuses on flemish, dutch and German old master paintings. Caretto&Occhinegro represents a new way of thinking and practice of ‘ancient art’.

Galerie Fabienne Fiacre

Fabienne Fiacre’s expertise is in the first half of the 19th century and her desire to show her personal taste for portraits.

Plektron Fine Arts

Founded in 2016, Plektron Fine Arts is located in Zurich, Switzerland and focuses on keeping ancient art relevant and pertinent, but also adheres to the highest standard of ethical trading.

Runjeet Sing

Runjeet Sing entered the art world as a collector of Asian arms and armor at the age of 20 in 1999. Runjeet has a special passion for Indian, Islamic, Tibetan and Chinese material from the 15-19th centuries.


Tafeta is a London-based gallery specializing in 20th-century and contemporary African art. Established in 2013, the gallery remains one of the leading purveyors of some of the most important 20th century artists of African descent.

Daily Guided Tours

Learn about the different art styles, recognize different periods and discover the story behind the art piece. A tour by our professional guides will definitely enrich your visit to TEFAF. We offer our visitor the following tours:

Highlight tour

Twice a day, from 7 – 15 March, we have public tours. During a tour of one hour our guide will show you this year’s highlights within the different art sections such as Photography, Old Masters, Design etc. Each tour is limited to the maximum of 12 persons and the price is €7,50 per person.

Want to join? Subscription takes place on the day itself at the information desk. The start times differ each day.

Private tours

Book a private tour of one hour by one of our professional art historians. We offer different themed tours such as Modern & Contemporary Art, Women In Art, Jewelry, and more.

Groups may consist of a maximum of 12 people and the cost is €295,- excl. VAT

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