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Come find us at TEFAF New York 2020, booth 375
Bergamin & Gomide
Rua Oscar Freire 379
loja 1
01426-001, São Paulo, SP

Originally created in 2000 in São Paulo by Jones Bergamin and occupying a house from the 1950’s designed by Vilanova Artigas, the gallery opened with a retrospective of the artist Iberê Camargo. Between 2001 and 2005, André Millan was a partner and organized shows of Mira Schendel, Lygia Pape, Tunga and Miguel Rio Branco. During this period, the gallery also presented collective exhibitions with guest curators: “Através” [“Through”], curated by Lisette Lagnado, is a historic moment, presenting “Tteia” for the first time, perhaps Lygia Pape’s masterpiece (now on permanent view at Inhotim). The gallery put on individual shows of artists such as José Resende, José Bento, Aluísio Carvão, Alair Gomes, Carlos Vergara, Milton Dacosta, as well as collective exhibitions, such as “Arte Cinética” [Kinetic Art], “Os Modernistas” [The Modernists], “As Bienais” [The Biennials] and the exhibition “Nus” [Nudes], in partnership with Fortes Vilaça gallery.

In 2012, Antonia Bergamin, the daughter of Jones Bergamin, took over as gallery director along with Thiago Gomide. The partners defined a new profile for the now Bergamin & Gomide gallery is specialized in private sales of Brazilian and foreign artists with a focus on the Post-War period and opened a new space on Oscar Freire street in August 2013.