Please note that the content on the website may be used for press purposes when covering the TEFAF art fair. The usage rights are at publication's discretion. It cannot be guaranteed that the objects currently shown on the website will pass TEFAF vetting which takes place shortly prior to the opening of the Fair.
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TEFAF NEW YORK SPRING 2020 postpones fair dates. Please read our current statement regarding details.

TEFAF conducts three international art fairs each year: TEFAF Maastricht in March, TEFAF New York Spring in May, and TEFAF New York Fall in November.

While TEFAF Maastricht showcases art from a wide range of collecting categories and time periods, our TEFAF New York Fairs are more narrowly defined by an art historical time period.

TEFAF New York Spring focuses mainly on Modern and Contemporary Art and Design, with ethnographic and ancient art, photography and jewelry also featured. TEFAF New York Fall focuses primarily on Fine and Decorative Art from antiquity to the beginning of the Post-War period, with the opportunity for Modern and Contemporary dealers to co-curate Historic Room presentations alongside Exhibitors specializing in pre-1920 art objects.

You will be directed to a confirmation page upon the processing of your application and non-refundable application fee payment. The status of your application will also update under the “Available Applications” section of your Exhibitor Portal from “Draft” to “Submitted”.
You may add to or edit your application after it has been submitted up until the application due date. After this time, your responses will be locked and reviewed as-is by the Selection Committee.
After your non-refundable application fee payment is processed, you will be directed to a confirmation page noting your payment total, payment date, and invoice number. You may print this page for your records. A downloadable copy of your receipt is accessible via the “Available Applications” section within the Overview page of your Exhibitor Portal.

Application decisions are typically released 4-6 weeks after the application due date, however review periods may vary by Fair and year-to-year.

Once decisions are made, your application status will be updated in your Exhibitor Portal. The Primary Contact and Gallery Owner(s) indicated on your application will be notified of this status update by email. Your Portal account must be linked to an active application in order to view its decision status.

The application process is overseen by TEFAF’s Operations team. For questions or assistance, please reach out to our Amsterdam office regarding TEFAF Maastricht Applications, and our New York office regarding TEFAF New York Spring and Fall applications.